Assignment 3: Design a Database


Although you always wanted to be an artist, you ended up being an expert on databases because you love to cook data and you somehow confused database with data baste. Your old love is still there, however, so you set up a database company, ArtBase, that builds a product for art galleries. The core of this product is a database with a schema that captures all the information that galleries need to maintain.

Your Tasks/Questions.

Q1. ER diagram (50 pts.) Give an ER diagram for the database. Be sure to write down all the the assumptions you have made.

Q2. Functional Dependencies (20 pts.) List all the FDs that hold for the database.

Q3. Relational Schema in Data Definition Language (20 pts.) Translate your ER diagram into a relational schema in the form of SQL DDLs. Choose appropriate data types for each attribute and include primary key and foreign key constraints.

Q4. Normal Forms (10 pts.) For each relation in your relational schema, write down whether the relation is in BCNF or 3NF, and if not give a violating FD.

Submission instructions