Extra Credit

I became a software engineer for two reasons. One, I enjoy solving problems and applying critical thinking skills. These skills will be developed over the course of the class, even if you may not apply the subject matter directly. Two, I enjoy building things that other people will use. I’ve worked on numerous projects for work and for myself, and it never gets old. Certainly, it’s frustrating at times, but extremely rewarding.

Google has a concept called “20% time”, where on Fridays, engineers work on an internal project of their own choosing. Since ICS 141 is a math course, I cannot ask you to spend 20% of your time in class writing code, as there’s a lot of material we need to cover. However, I will offer up to 20% extra credit (the equivalent of an exam) for those that choose this option.

The breakdown is as follows:

Your project can be anything of your choosing, but you must talk to me about it (this can be your first week of extra credit). I’m open to having two people work on a project, but your progress on that project will be tracked individually (meaning, if your partner does work on it but you don’t, only your partner gets credit for that week).

If you haven’t coded before, I expect the first few weeks will be spent learning some technology. I can give you some pointers and make sure your project scoped accordingly so that you can still finish by the end of the semester.

I hope that many of you take me up on this offer, and I’m excited to see what some of you build.