E58: Reflect on Ethics

Before starting this essay, read through the “Foundations” experiences in the Ethics module, and the two “Code of Ethics” readings.

Now review through the four Case Studies (Haraassment, Privacy, Autonomous Cars, and The code I’m still ashamed of), and pick one of these studies to focus on for your technical essay.

Now write an interesting, informative technical essay about ethics in software engineering. You should begin by discussing, in your own words, what you think “ethics” means in the context of software engineering. Then, describe the situation you chose to analyze with respect to its ethical implications. Finally, present your conclusions: what is your personal opinion as to the ethical stance to be taken?

Submission instructions

By the time and date indicated on the Schedule page, write a technical essay regarding this module. You can use the issues above as a starting point, but write a stand-alone essay: don’t just answer them like it’s a homework assignment! Once you’ve finished the essay submit it using Laulima.

Please note the following: