Final Exam

Your final exam for this class is take-home. It consists of producing a revised version of your professional portfolio that presents your skills and interests in a high quality manner. Review the Professional Portfolio Style Guide for details.

  1. The home page should provide a head shot, your current interests, and links to your GitHub and LinkedIn accounts (and others, if desired).

  2. The projects page should include at least three projects. One of those projects should present the application you developed for this class. The page should provide an overview of the project, what your contributions to the project were, what you learned from this experience, and one or more screenshots. It should include a link to the Organization GitHub Page associated with the project for those who want to see the source code and learn more about it. All project pages should include at least one screen image.

  3. The essays page should include at least 4 essays. You can write new ones, edit old ones, and delete “bad” ones as long as at least 4 essays remain. I expect these 4 essays to adhere to the Technical Essay Style Guide. Do not assume that because you obtained full credit for an essay earlier in the semester, it is still satisfactory. My standards for acceptable essays has risen over the semester as you have practiced the craft and have seen examples from other students. The most important guideline: write for the world, not the professor. Re-read your old essays: if they sound like homework submissions, and/or if you can’t imagine that anyone outside of the class would understand or care about what you are writing about, then you need to re-write it.

    My belief is that everyone in the class will need to edit or rewrite at least some of their essays to bring them up to the current standards. This will take time, but the benefits are great.

  4. Your resume page should indicate your current skills, interests, and job experiences.

  5. There must be no spelling or grammatical errors anywhere on the site. IntelliJ has a spelling checker. Use it.

  6. There must be no broken image links. All links to other pages on the Internet should work.

I highly recommend you start early, publish your improvements incrementally, and review the site after each commit to make sure you haven’t broken anything. That way you are guaranteed to have a working site, even if you have to role back your final change if it breaks something. It would be a shame to get no credit for your final exam because you waited until the last minute, then rushed to make changes, then broke the site and could not figure out the problem before the due date. Such an outcome demonstrates failure to incorporate the software engineering lessons of this class.

Submission instructions

By the date and time listed in the Schedule page, publish your revised portfolio and post a link to it in the #final-exam channel.