Final Project: Milestone 2

For this milestone, you should:

  1. Use CAS authentication through the UH test CAS server. See meteor-example-uh-cas. (All ICS 314 students should be able to authenticate. If you need additional UH accounts to be authenticated with this test server, use Slack to request this from Philip.)
  2. Significantly improve the functionality and quality of your application.
  3. Significantly improve your software engineering process.

The latter two are closely related: if you improve your software engineering process, you are almost guaranteed to improve the functionality and quality of your application!

The M1 assessment includes suggestions on how to improve your product and your process. Make note of them and try to apply them during this milestone.

On the date and time listed on the Schedule page, you will deliver the first version of your system as part of Milestone M2.

Functional requirements

The system should provide all functionality required for Milestone M1, plus significant additional functionality.

Software engineering requirements

For this milestone, you must:

Submission instructions

On the date associated with this experience on the Schedule page, you must have your project ready to be reviewed by Philip. He will review it online; you will not need to present it in-class.

To indicate that your project is ready to be reviewed, post a link to the project home page to the Slack #final-project channel.

The project home page should: