E06: Introduction to Javascript using FreeCodeCamp

In this experience, you will start getting familiar with the syntax of Javascript by practicing the creation of simple Javascript code using FreeCodeCamp.

First, sign up for an account on FreeCodeCamp.

Second, start doing the 106 exercises in the Basic Javascript Section. They say it takes 10 hours, I think you can do it more quickly, but it will be several hours of work. Don’t be turned off by the “simplicity”—the goal here is to get you typing Javascript and try to get your fingers to understand the language. When you are done, your FreeCodeCamp map page should look like this:

Important note: The FreeCodeCamp tutorial requires you to use var rather than let and const. After completing this tutorial, you will want to switch to let and const to declare variables. Learning about var is OK, because in order to understand older code written in Javascript, you need to understand how var works. But please keep in mind that although you will be using var to complete the tutorial, you will not be using it once you move on to writing your own code.

Submission instructions

Please complete the Javascript section by the date and time indicated on the Schedule page. I will verify in class that you have completed the course by asking you to display your FreeCodeCamp map page. All 106 Basic Javascript exercises must be completed.