Experience BowFolios

BowFolios is a system I built to illustrate Issue-based Project Management practices:

In addition, it illustrates many Meteor application techniques:

I expect each group to develop their final project following the practices and techniques illustrated in BowFolios. Therefore, it is useful for all of you to familiarize yourself with BowFolios before starting on your final project.

For this experience, read through the home page documentation on BowFolios. Note any questions you have.

Next, install and run BowFolios on your laptop. Note any problems that occur.

Next, watch all of the YouTube videos explaining the system. Note any questions you have while watching the videos.

Finally, read through all of the source code. Note any code you discover whose purpose you do not understand.

Once you have finished doing this, post your questions about BowFolios to the #bowfolios channel. My expectation is that everyone will have at least one question about BowFolios after reviewing the system in this manner.

Submission instructions

There is no Laulima submission for this exercise, nor due date. The more thoroughly you understand BowFolios, the easier it will be for you to develop your final project.