E51: Create a GitHub organization and home page

To provide infrastructure for your final project development, your team should create a GitHub Organization.

Before creating the organization, you need to have decided on your final project. So you must finish E50 before starting on this experience.

First, your team should come up with a name for your organization. It must be a name not used by any other GitHub organization. Be sure it’s a name that you wouldn’t mind future employers seeing.

Second, one member of your team should create the organization, and invite all of the other team members as owners. Create the organization in all lower case.

Third, create the home page for this organization. Let’s say you’ve named your organization “campusjams”. Your home page needs to be at https://campusjams.github.io.

To do this, you’ll need to create a repo within the campusjams organization called “campusjams.github.io”, and then create an index.md file within it with the contents of your home page in markdown format. For example, see the bowfolios.github.io repository.

To learn about making GitHub pages, see GitHub Pages Basics. You need to configure a publishing source, which in this case will be the master branch of your organization’s .github.io repository. In the settings page of this repo, you’ll set the source for your page as the master branch, and select a theme using the Jekyll Theme Chooser.

In the case of the hypothetical campusjams organization, when you are done with creating the home page, it should be accessible at https://campusjams.github.io.

The home page for your organization should evolve over time to reflect the most recent state of your project. To begin with, the home page should provide a good description of the goals of the project, what the system should eventually provide, and screen shots of the mockup pages you plan to use as a basis for your final project.

For more guidelines, see GitHub Hosting Guidelines.

Submission instructions

By the time and date listed in the Schedule page, you should submit the URL to your organization home page to Laulima. Each member of the team should submit the same URL, but every team member should do so in order to receive credit.