E37: Reflect on UI Frameworks

UI Frameworks are not simple. In fact, they can be almost as complicated to learn as a new programming language. Given that, why bother to use something like Semantic UI? What does one get in return for the investment of time and frustration? Why not just use raw HTML and CSS? Are the software engineering benefits of UI frameworks?

For this assignment, create an engaging and informative essay about UI Frameworks. You might want to discuss some of the issues raised above, as well as your own personal experience with Semantic UI. Or perhaps you’ve also used another framework such as Twitter Bootstrap. In that case, it might be interesting to read your perspective on a comparison of the two.

Feel free to go in another direction entirely, as long as you are discussing UI Frameworks, and as long as the result is interesting, informative, and insightful. Write for the world!

Submission instructions

By the time and date indicated on the Schedule page, write a technical essay regarding this module. You can use the issues above as a starting point, but write a stand-alone essay: don’t just answer them like it’s a homework assignment! Once you’ve finished the essay submit it using Laulima.

Please note the following: