ICS 111: Introduction to Computer Science I

Description: An overview of the fundamentals of computer science emphasizing problem solving, algorithm development, implementation, and debugging/testing using an object­-oriented programming language.


Course Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

Textbook(s): Course notes.

Grading: Competency Quizzes: (38% of grade) Final: (5% of grade) Projects: (30% of grade) Lab Assignments: (27% of grade)

Policies: Students are expected to participate in lectures, and laboratory sessions.

Schedule: Each week a demonstrational problem is used to teach relevant computer science concepts, and to give students multiple instances in the use of programming language constructs.

Demonstrational problem is translated into an algorithm and then program code. This code is then modified/enhanced in the lab sessions which are held twice a week to give students hands-on experience with watching how the behavior of the program changes when modified to encourage exploration.

Quizzes are held once a week during lab sections. Students review quiz answers immediately after quiz is completed.