ICS 351: Network Design and Management

Description: Overview of the internet and its capabilities; introduction to HTTP, TCP/IP, ethernet, and wireless 802.11; routers, switches, and NAT; network and wireless security; practical experience in designing and implementing networks.


Course Learning Outcomes: See objectives.

Program Learning Outcomes

Prerequisites: 141 and 211, or consent.

Textbook(s): Mastering Networks – An Internet Lab Manual 5.0”, by Jörg Liebeherr and Magda el Zarki, 2004.

Grading: Labs (60%) Quizzes (30%) Final exam (10%)

Policies: Attendance is mandatory (but not graded). In particular, participation in the lab sessions is necessary in order to successfully do the lab reports.

Lab reports are due on time, with a loss of 20% of the points for every day they are late. Quizzes and exams must be taken early or on time, unless there are well-documented extenuating circumstances, in which case the same 20% per day rule will apply (and only if student makes special arrangements with the instructor to take the quiz late).

No food or drinks in the lab.