ICS 415: Introduction to Programming for the Web

Description: Introduction to emerging technologies for construction of World Wide Web (WWW)-based software. Covers programming and scripting languages used for the creation of WWW sites and client-server programming. Students will complete a medium-sized software project that uses languages and concepts discussed in class.

Objectives: The student will: * Create valid Web pages using HTML(5). * Style HTML pages using CSS. * Be able to develop their own style sheets. * Create web sites that work across many different display devices. * Understand the basics of the JavaScript language. * Create and use JavaScript programs. * Learn about a modern web technology. * Create an 8 to 10 minute presentation about the technology. * Develop a responsive web site.

Course Learning Outcomes: See objectives

Program Learning Outcomes

Prerequisites: 311 or consent

Textbook(s): Course Notes

Grading: 10 Assignments, 30% In class quizzes, 30% Technology presentation 15% Final Project 25%

Policies: Watch screen casts out side of class. In class work on exercises, practicing web development skills.