ICS 442: Analytical Models and Methods

Description: Applications of mathematical methods in computer science with emphasis on discrete mathematics, numerical computation, algebraic models, operations research.


Course Learning Outcomes: See objectives

Program Learning Outcomes

Prerequisites: 311 or consent

Textbook(s): Dynamic Programming, A. Lew and H. Mauch

Grading: 1 midterm (30%) 1 final project (50%) 1 final exam (20%)

Schedule: Week 1: Overview of analytical models and methods Week 2: Applications of analytical models and methods Week 3: Modeling of DP Problems Week 4: The DP Specification Language gDPS Week 5: DP Problem Specifications in gDPS Weeks 6-9: : Bellman Nets: A Class of Petri Nets Weeks 10-14: Design and Implementation of DP Tool Weeks 15-16: Other Solver Results Week 17: Final exam