ICS 451: Data Networks

Description: Network analysis, architecture, digital signal analysis and design; circuit switching, packet switching, packet broadcasting; protocols and standards; local area networks; satellite networks; ALOHA channels; examples.

Objectives: In this course, students will: * learn about computer networking, focusing on the fundamental design principles of computer networks and protocols. * study networks of practical importance, including the Internet, TCP/IP, and wireless networks. * learn to write in C computer programs to work with the network, specifically implementing clients, servers, and protocols.

Course Learning Outcomes: See objectives.

Program Learning Outcomes

Prerequisites: 212 and 311, or consent

Textbook(s): “Computer Networking : Principles, Protocols and Practice”, by Olivier Bonaventure, freely available at http://inl.info.ucl.ac.be/CNP3

Grading: assignments (45%), 2 exams and a final, each worth 15% of the grade (total 45%), 2 reviews of your colleagues’ assignments (total 10%).