ICS 452: Software Design for Robotics

Description: Sensors, actuators, signal processing, paradigms of robotic software design, introduction to machine learning, introduction to computer vision, and robot-to-human interaction.


Course Learning Outcomes: See objectives.

Program Learning Outcomes

Prerequisites: Two ICS 300-level courses or consent. Recommended: 312 and 313.

Textbook(s): Computational Principles of Mobile Robotics, 2nd Edition, Gregory Dudek & Michael Jenkin, Paperback, ISBN:9780521692120, July 2010

Grading: 3 homework assignments (30%) Final project (40%) Final exam (20%) Inclass participation (10%)

Schedule: Week 1: Introduction Weeks 2, 3 Robotics hardware Week 4, 5: Movement planning Week 6: Robust software Week 7: Signal processing algorithms Weeks 8, 9: Computer vision Weeks 10, 11: Machine learning Weeks 12-15: Advance robotics topics Week 16: Project presentations Week 17: Final exam