ICS 455: Security and Trust II: Information Assurance

Description: Channel security. Trojan and noninterference. Basic concepts of cryptology. Cryptographic primitives. Protocols for authentication and key establishment.


Course Learning Outcomes: See objectives.

Program Learning Outcomes

Textbook(s): 1. Lecture Notes 2. Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman and Mike Speciner, Network Security (Prentice Hall 2002, 2nd ed.) 3. Douglas Stinson, Cryptography. Theory and Practice (Chapman and Hall 2005, 3rd ed.)

Grading: Homework (4) 40% Final exam 60%

Schedule: 1. Introduction: Private communication in a public world 2. Information, channel and noninterference 3. Encryption and cryptanalysis 4. Modes of operation and stream cipher 5. Key establishment 6. Authentication 7. Challenge-Response and Matching Conversation 8. Protocol Derivations 9. Man-in-the-Middle and Impersonation 10. Pervasive security and multi-channel authentication 11. Review