Learning Outcomes

This page collects together all of the “outcomes” associated with individual modules. Outcomes identify what students will know and be able to do if they master the material.

The course-specific student learning outcomes (SLOs) this this course are:

The student learning outcomes (SLOs) for this course that are part of the SLOs for the entire Computer Science program, are:

Computer Architecture

Referencing modules: Computer Architecture

Computers and Numbers

Referencing modules: Data Size & Arithmetic, Integers & Computers

Assessed by:

X86 architecture

Referencing modules: X86 & NASM

NASM: data and bss

Referencing modules: X86 & NASM

Assembly Programming

Referencing modules: Bit Operations, Control Structures, Data Size & Arithmetic, First NASM Program, Subprograms

Assessed by:

Assembly and High-level Languages

Referencing modules: Bit Operations, Compiling, Data Size & Arithmetic, Subprograms

Assessed by:

The Runtime Stack

Referencing modules: Subprograms

Assessed by:


Referencing modules: Compiling

Linking & Loading

Referencing modules: Linking & Loading


Referencing modules: Debugging