Project: Campus Jam


The problem: Many UH students have musical talents, but there is no easy way for them to find others with similar tastes and compatible musical abilities. Thus, they cannot experience the fun of informal jam sessions which could progress into performing musical groups.

The solution: The Campus Jam application allows students to login and create a profile indicating their musical tastes, their musical capabilities, and their musical goals (from occasional, informal jam sessions to performing bands). The profile can also include links to YouTube videos or SoundCloud tracks with examples of their musicianship.


Once a profile is created, others can browse the profiles filtered by specific tastes, capabilities, and goals to find compatible musicians to contact.

Students can also set up notifications to find out automatically when a profile is created that satisfies criteria that they specify.

Admins can monitor the site for inappropriate content, and create new categories of musical tastes, capabilities, and goals.

Note: if you choose this idea for your final project, you cannot name it “Campus Jam”. Come up with a different name for your final project.

Some mockup pages include:

Use case ideas

Whether or not the following bullet points list all pages or not, the completed use case should show an end-to-end scenario of using the system.

Beyond the basics

After implementing the basic functionality, here are ideas for more advanced features: