Readings and other resources in module order

This page collects together all of the “readings” associated with individual modules.

In this site, readings represent “passive” learning opportunities, as opposed to experiences, which represent “active” learning opportunities. In many courses, readings and experiences together constitute the “assignments”.

Module: Introduction

Module: Professional Persona

Module: Javascript 1: Basics

Module: Open Source Software

Module: Javascript 2: Object orientation

Module: Configuration management

Module: Javascript 3: Functional programming

Module: Development Environments

Module: QA Part 1: Coding standards

Module: Usability Evaluation, Part 1

Module: UI Design (Basics)

Module: UI Design (Frameworks)

Module: UI Design (React)

Module: Databases (MongoDB)

Module: Application Design (Meteor), Part 1

Module: Application Design (Meteor), Part 2

Module: Application Design (Meteor), Part 3

Module: Agile Project Management

Module: Deployment

Module: Ethics in Software Engineering

Module: Testing

Module: Design Patterns

Module: Final Project