Your grade in this class will be based upon the following graded assignments:

Each graded assignment is worth some number of points, and I strive to review and grade all assignments within a week of their due date. Your cumulative number of points and your percentage of points out of all possible will be available to you throughout the semester.

For your final grade, I guarantee an A to all students with at least 90% of all possible points, a B to all students with points between 80-89%, and a C to all students with point between 70-79%. Depending upon the way the grading actually works out, I reserve the right to adjust the percentages downward (so, for example, it may turn out that 88% could be enough for an A), but I will never adjust the percentages upward. Thus, it is possible for everyone in the class to receive an A if everyone in the class earns at least 90% of all points.