Project: Toaster Oven Lovin’


The problem: Many college students have limited kitchen resources, limited cooking skills, limited time, limited access to grocery stores, and no access to creative recipes that respect these constraints. As a result, college students spend money to eat out, or eat non-healthy foods at fast food places or through vending machines.

The solution: Toaster Oven Lovin’ creates a way for students (on-campus or off) to learn and share recipes that:


Students are typically just learning to cook for themselves, have limited kitchen facilities, and do not have time to shop around for ingredients. They are also price-sensitive.

The goal of this site is to help improve the nutritional content and variety of foods eaten by students and help them limit the use of vending machines or fast food products by providing tasty, realistic alternatives.

There are three roles in this system: students, vendors, and admins.

Students can both search for and contribute recipes. Recipes not only include the typical description of how to prepare the food and a picture of the completed food, but also information on where to obtain each ingredient and how much each ingredient costs. The recipe also indicates typical dietary restrictions for students (vegan, gluten-free, etc.)

Students do not necessarily have to determine the price associated with each item. Instead, there is another interface to the system for vendors. Vendors (local grocery stores and/or farmer’s markets) can login and establish a profile including their location and hours. Then, for each ingredient defined in the system, they can indicate

From this information, the system can automatically calculate, for each recipe:

Information on ingredient price and availability can be contributed either by vendors or by students.

There is also an admin role. Admins can edit all content in the system, remove inappropriate content, and establish users as having the vendor role.

Note: if you choose this idea for your final project, you cannot name it “Toaster Oven Lovin”. Come up with a different name for your final project.

Mockup page ideas

Some possible mockup pages include:

Use case ideas

Whether or not the following bullet points list all pages or not, the completed use case should show an end-to-end scenario of using the system.

Beyond the basics

After implementing the basic functionality, here are ideas for more advanced features: