Installing Meteor on Windows 10

Be sure to do all your work in an Administrator Command Prompt.

This is vital! Things will not work properly in a regular Command Prompt.

Step 1: Turn off any real-time scanning for your virus protection

If you don’t, the installation and build will take a very long time. You also should to turn off real-time scanning for any of the WoDs.

Step 2: Install Chocolatey

Again you need to do this in an Administrator Command Prompt or PowerShell. I like PowerShell better than the Command Prompt, but both work.

If you already have Chocolatey make sure you upgrade it to version 0.10.11.

PS D:\> choco upgrade chocolatey

You can test your Chocolatey install by typing:

PS D:\> choco --version
PS D:\>

Step 3: Install Meteor using Chocolatey

In the same Command Prompt or PowerShell type:

PS D:\> choco install meteor

This will take some time to download and install meteor on your computer. It took my machine about 5 minutes. The only way I knew something was happening was looking at my Task Manager’s % CPU.

Validate your meteor installation by checking the version.

PS D:\> meteor --version
PS D:\>