Project: Club Hub


The problem: UH Manoa has over 200 Registered Independent Organizations, plus many more that do not have this “official” status but are nonetheless active organizations. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for students to learn (a) what student clubs (both registered and unregistered) exist, what they do, and how to get further involved.

The solution: The Club Hub application will provide a centralized directory for UH Manoa student clubs. UH Manoa students can login to browse a well organized directory of all current student clubs, with brief descriptions, meeting times and locations, URLs to their websites (if any), contact information for officers, and a few select photos.


Club Hub has three user roles, all of whom login with their UH ID. Regular users browse the directory. Club Admins have the ability to edit the data associated with their club. Super Admins make sure site content is appropriate and grant “club admin” privileges to selected users.

The site should not simply support browsing by a list of clubs in alphabetical order, but should also allow filtering by interest area. For example, “athletic” clubs, “art” clubs, “music” clubs, etc. A club can belong to multiple interest areas.

Users can specify interest areas, and be notified when a new club is created matching that interest area (or an existing club adds that interest area).

Admins can monitor the site for inappropriate content, and create new categories of musical tastes, capabilities, and goals.

Note: if you choose this idea for your final project, you cannot name it “Club Hub”. Come up with a different name for your final project.

Some possible mockup pages include:

Use case ideas

Whether or not the following bullet points list all pages or not, the completed use case should show an end-to-end scenario of using the system.

Beyond the basics

After implementing the basic functionality, here are ideas for more advanced features: