Title: ICS 314: Software Engineering
Instructor: Philip Johnson, POST 307,
TA: Danny Weng, POST 307,
Meeting Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00am (Section 001), 10:30am (Section 002)
Prerequisites: ICS 211, ICS 241, or equivalent


ICS 314 is a fast-paced immersion into significant software engineering concepts and technologies. It incorporates the following themes:

The course grounds these thematic elements by covering the skills necessary to quickly build two-tier web applications with a modern look-and-feel. Many computer science and computer engineering projects benefit from a web-based user interface, and this class will help you to create a nice one regardless of your “design” background.


Student Outcomes

Program level outcomes

Course level outcomes


There is no required textbook for this class. All material is found online.


Your grade is based on:

These percentages may change during the semester.

By default, grading will use the standard cutoffs of 90% (A), 80% (B), 70% (C), 60% (D), but the instructor may revise these percentages downward.

Academic Dishonesty

All occurrences of academic dishonesty will result in a grade of 0 for the assignment or exam, and in a memo in your ICS department file describing the incident. Should there be more than one memo of this type in your file, the incident will be referred to the Dean of Students. Disciplinary sanctions range from a warning to expulsion from the university, as seen at: