E01: Environment configuration

For this assignment, you will begin the process of creating a high quality software engineering environment on your computer.

Task 1: Obtain appropriate hardware

See the Laptop Requirements page for details.

Task 2: Install an appropriate operating system

An up to date release of Mac OS/X or a Linux-based OS are the preferred operating systems for this class.

If you must use Windows, you must use Windows 10 so that our web application tech stack (Meteor) will install correctly. If needed, I can sign you up for MSDNAA, which will provide you with a free copy of Windows 10. Please Slack me for details.

Task 3: Install Chrome browser

If you have not already, please download and install the Chrome browser.

We will use that as the standard browser for development in this class. This is because we will be using the Chrome Developer Tools package that is provided as part of that browser, which includes custom extensions for Meteor.

Submission instructions

You are expected to bring your laptop to class every day. During a class period on or after the date associated with this experience on the Schedule page, I will review your environment in class.