E54: Digits, Part 6 (Clean up)

For this experience, you will clean up and “publish” a home page for the application at GitHub.

Merge your notes branch into master

At the conclusion of the last WOD, your notes enhancement was in a branch called notes-1 (and notes-2).

Quit meteor if it is running.

Now switch to the master branch in GitHub Desktop, and merge one of your notes branches into it. Push your master branch to GitHub after the merge completes.

Start meteor using meteor npm run start, and check http://localhost:3000 (and the console) to ensure that the merge worked correctly.


This is not a timed WOD. Instead, carry out the following tasks. You only have to do this once.

1. Create a branch to hold your work.

Create a branch called “cleanup” in which to work on this task.

2. Remove any ESLint errors.

Quit Meteor, then run meteor npm run lint. If there are any ESLint problems in your code, fix them.

3. Remove all the “stuff”.

Go through all the app/imports/ subdirectories, and delete all files referring to “Stuff”. Don’t forget to delete the defaultData field in settings.development.json!

After you think all Stuff related code is gone, do a meteor reset followed by meteor npm run start to see if you got everything. Login as john@foo.com and list his contacts. If there are no errors on startup or in the console, you should be fine.

4. Create a project home page.

Create an index.md file and a doc/ directory at the top-level of your repo (i.e. outside the app/ directory). Your index.md should start with a screenshot of the landing page of your application, then provide installation instructions, then provide a walkthrough of the pages in your application and what they do. Your screenshot files can be stored in the doc/ directory.

To display a screenshot, store the screenshot file in the doc/ directory. Then, you can display the screenshot by putting an img HTML element in your index.md file. For example, to display a screenshot stored in the file doc/landing.png, put this in index.md:

<img src="doc/landing.png">

Commit an initial version of your cleaned up site to the master branch.

5. Publish the project home page.

Go to the GitHub page for your digits app, and click on “Settings”, then scroll down to the section called “GitHub Pages”. It will say that the repo is private but the published site will be public. This is OK. Select the master branch, then click the Save button.

Now scroll back down to the GitHub pages section, and click the “Choose a theme” button. Select any theme that you want.

Your GitHub page should be available within a few seconds.

Here is the GitHub Page I created for my Digits application: https://ics-software-engineering.github.io/digits. Yours can be very similar to this, since you’ve created the same application!

Submission instructions

By the time and date indicated on the Schedule page, submit this assignment via Laulima.

Your submission should contain a link to the GitHub Page you created to document the final user interface to your application.

You should also provide a URL to the GitHub repo so that the TA can check that you have written the index.md file correctly.