E33: Experience the Semantic UI course at PluralSight

PluralSight offers a course on Semantic UI by Nate Taylor.

For this experience, you can use their free 10 day trial offer, available from the PluralSight home page.

Be sure to cancel within the 10 days! Put a reminder on your calendar or something so you don’t get charged their monthly or yearly fee!

Once you have access, please watch the first three hours of the Semantic UI course. Since you can’t watch the whole thing using the 10 day/200 minute free trial, please focus on the following sections:

Submission instructions

By the time and date listed on the schedule page, please try to finish watching the above sections of the Semantic UI course. Please upload a screen shot of your PluralSight dashboard page as the assignment submission on Laulima. The screen shot should show that you have completed at least 25% of the course. Here’s an example of my dashboard indicating that I have completed 67% of the Semantic UI 2.0 course:

Some students have found themselves “locked out” of the course and thus unable to take a screenshot. If this happens to you, just submit a statement in your Laulima submission explaining what happened and approximately what parts of the course you completed. You are on the honor system to represent your work correctly.