E53: Experience a team presentation

By the end of this module, you should have:

Now you will present your team and project to the class. Your presentation should be approximately 5 minutes long and should:

All presentations will be accomplished using my laptop. You should Slack me the URLs to any pages you want presented. I will need the URL to your organization home page as well as to your M1 Project page.

If you want to use slides to present your team, please do not send me PPT files to load into my PowerPoint reader; often the format gets messed up. Instead, put your presentations online so I can access them via a URL. Consider using SpeakerDeck, Haiku Deck, Reveal.JS (or slides.com), Prezi or something similar.

Submission Instructions

You will be evaluated based upon your in-class team presentation on the date associated with this on the Schedule.